Our partners are attorneys and businesses who would like to donate their services to help provide effective legal counsel and professional on the job training to at-risk youth, youth who are re-entering the community after a period of incarceration, seniors, veterans, and other individuals participating in our programs.


Specifically we are seeking to partner with attorneys to represent our clients in a specific legal matter. Attorneys who partner with us will be asked to agree to represent at least one youth in either a criminal or civil matter and if necessary, where appeal services are required, on a pro-bono basis. We believe that the lack of effective representation is an impairment to the successful accomplishment of a youth’s goals and endeavors. If we can alleviate the stress of legal matters, then we can assist the youth with developing his or her leadership skills, that may ultimately lead to success in the workforce.

Our business partners are enthusiastic about providing on-the-job-training (OJT) to our clients. Our business partners will be asked to agree to allow our clients to intern at their place of business for approximately 35 to 37 weeks, with the understanding that Synergy One Companies will pay the intern a stipend. The interns OJT schedule will be no more than five hours per day, four days per week.

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