MARYLAND, August 12, 2012 – In this economic recession, many African American youth find themselves susceptible to criminal behavior just to make ends meet.  Further, many of these youth lack the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s economy.  Most often, those youth who succumb to the lure of criminal activities, are eligible for public defender services, but question the attorney’s capabilities. The concerns of the youth are valid, particularly, because public defenders are non-specialized attorneys and handle a wide variety of cases at any given time.  Rarely, are there youth who can afford to pay for a private attorney.

Now, visionary Monika Greene, Ph.D., founder of the new Synergy One Leadership Corporation, has taken on the President’s challenge of rebuilding the middle-class by creating employment opportunities for young adults.  Specialized programs help assure that the youth obtain skills and knowledge to succeed in a knowledge-based economy.  Greene’s new site, highlights the programs and services that are positively impacting young adults.

Eligible youth for the programs are deficient in basic skills, or are pregnant or parenting, or are at-risk of criminal behavior, or are ex offenders.  The program serves both in- and out- of- school youth.  The program also assist youth by providing court advocacy, tutoring, mentoring, summer, and year-round work experiences, occupational training,  supportive services, leadership development opportunities, counseling, case management, and follow-up services.

The program participants are provided effective legal services to handle criminal and social service related issues.  “Public defenders are overworked, managing heavy caseloads, with little time to spend on a case.  With the extreme stress of pending court proceedings on their minds, youth are not likely focusing on acquiring or enhancing leadership and employment skills,” Greene explained.   “By utilizing the services of  private attorneys and court advocates, Synergy One  has alleviated the burden of handling the courts, the youth are at ease and able to focus on the programs that serve to help young adults find a path into middle-class jobs by helping them improve their current skills through training so they can compete for  better jobs.”  In addition, the programs help young adults develop the skills they need to succeed on the job and stay employed.

Synergy One is in need of attorneys who would like to provide pro bono services and is accepting donations toward the leadership development and employment training of young adults.

About Monika Greene, Ph.D.

Monika Greene is an Organizational Coach and advocate who understands and enjoys helping organizations to build better relationships by maximizing and leveraging strengths, creating a more productive culture, and increasing and enhancing communication between managers, direct reports, and teams.


Monika Greene, Ph.D.
Synergy One Leadership Corporation