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Understanding the Laws of the Universe

Aug. 12th 2013

What are the laws of the universe?

The Laws of the Universe are universal laws that are created out of
kindness and love; laws that result in your having exactly what you need, when
you need it, that always work for the highest good of all; laws that are
completely impartial, that apply to everyone equally everywhere throughout our
world; laws that work without prejudice, without bias, without judges and
courts, and trials, and lawyers, without bribery; laws that are just and
beneficial for everyone, at all times, and in all places.”—- Bruce McArthur          

We are beings of energy.  Energy is governed by universal laws and principles. These laws come from and are imbued with the Spirit.  They are Divine Laws.  There are  many laws that govern us at our different levels of being: Spiritual Laws, Mental/Emotional Laws, and Physical laws. Our egos, which function on the mental/emotional level, try to control these laws.  These laws dictate the results of our thoughts and actions.   When we perform an action or put out thought, we try to control the results.  But we cannot as there are too many laws working at too many levels for the ego to manage.  The best we can do is to perform our actions consciously, with good intentions, and leave the results or consequences up to the Spirit or Divine Law.   For example, only a fool would stand in front of a moving train and demand the Spirit to save him or her.  Physical laws dictate that the impact of a moving train on the human body will kill it.

The Law of Karma is the natural principle of cause and effect.  Every cause has its’ effect; every effect has its cause.  Everything happens according to law.   Chance is but a name for law
not recognized.  It affects the throwing of dice on a gambling  table or a rock slide that is caused by rain and wind.  When this law is used with conscious effort, desired results can be produced in a person’s life by steering him or herself along definite paths of causation.   When the law is used in an unconscious and haphazard mind, the effects could become potentially disastrous for the
individual or group of individuals.  So called “accidents” could occur without warning to individuals who toil through life without awareness.  We are responsible for the very thoughts that we produce and the final result of our own mental alchemy.   Fear is one of the most dangerous mental causation that prevents a person from thinking and acting as the higher self would prefer.  The cause of fear is the result of a lack of knowledge about the unknown God which should be the most important educational journey in a person’s life.  The causation of fear can only be removed
through knowledge, wisdom, and understanding Universal Law, the reality that  we live in order to produce the desired effects in our lives.

In every minute thought, action, and deed that is performed, a person sets into motion unseen chains of causations and effects of which could be either positive or negative, all of which will flow from the mind throughout the entire the body, out into the environment, and finally into the universe.  This powerful flowing energy then returns to its originator as fast as the speed of light.   By
understanding universal laws we can learn to operate in grace instead of being restricted.

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Nov. 13th 2012

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Nov. 9th 2012

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and posting such gracious comments on my blog.  Training for Success is a 14 part series taken from an unpublished manuscript I have written. I am so happy that what I have written has made such a positive affect on you.  I will make every effort to post at least once per week.  Please continue to follow the blog.  Thank you so very much.

I am writing these blog posts to show you the real truth to obtaining whatever you want out of life, as they were revealed to me.  You will begin to employ Universal Laws of Life instantly, and you will immediately become inspired to go after everything you want in life, with an overwhelming sense of empowerment.  You will begin to live your life expecting only positive reactions from your encounters with life’s challenges.  You will instantly analyze this information in relation to everything you have ever read, seen, heard, or experienced in life.                                                     

One who lives with positive expectancy knows how to turn problems into procedures, how to recognize responsibility as opportunity, and how, in adversity, to see equivalent benefit. With positive expectancy pervading our thoughts, we seek growth and welcome change.  In simpler terms, if you are living with positive expectancy, you see the glass as half full as opposed to half empty.  If you and I want to live with positive expectancy, we must vividly imagine great accomplishments.   We must ardently desire that this year be the best year of our lives.  We must sincerely believe in our abilities and in the goodness of man and of God.  We must enthusiastically act upon our own plans and seize every opportunity to achieve.  

These post are not intended to be a replacement for your belief in your higher power, but more so a catalyst to extracting from the universe all that your higher power wants you to have.  I assure you, your higher power has placed all of your miracles and blessings right before your eyes.  Training for Success will show you how to take possession of all that is yours.  It is much like having a safe filled with money, only you do not have the combination to open it.  Well, in these blog posts, I will provide you with the combination to open the safe.  The universe is your safe and the information contained in this blog is the combination.     “All successful men,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, “ have agreed in one thing,- they were causationists.  They believed that things went not by luck, but by law; that there was not a weak or a cracked link in the chain that joins the first and last of things.  A belief in causality, or strict connection between every pulse-beat and the principle of being, and, in consequence, belief in compensation, or that nothing is got for nothing, – characterizes all valuable minds, and must control every effort that is made by an industrious one.  The most valiant men are the best believers in the tension of the laws”.  

So, I say to you, keep an open mind as you study the information presented in this blog.  You will find the answers to the questions that have prevented you from being all that you want to be.  You will feel an overwhelming sense of peace.  You will become anxious with desire, and the strength of your faith will begin to produce your miracles.  Then, you will have discovered the power of the universe.


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Nov. 5th 2012

Whatever you desire in life, you can have.  Whatever you strive to achieve, so will you obtain.  If it is health, wealth, prosperity, love, peace, and happiness, or all of the above, you can have it.  At first thought, you may be inclined to think, that what I’ve just said, are just mere words, put together to form a sentence that sounds promising.  The truth is, all these things are right at your finger tips, and have been there for you, all of your life. 

All of your life, you have heard similar statements about how great you are and that you can have and do anything you want in life.  You have heard this from your parents, teachers, commencement speakers, counselors, clergy, and friends.  Graduations, always bear the themes of “believing in yourself” or “you can achieve anything you want in life.”   There’s hardly ever a Sunday sermon that does not stress the importance of having faith.  Yet, you never seem to grasp the true meaning and intent of those words.  You leave those assemblies with the immediate belief that you are capable of achieving any and everything.  But the day after, you are thrust back into your real world of work, stress, envy , hatred, jealousy, cynicism and pure need, and you quickly forget how great you are until the next sermon or assembly. 

 That’s life as we all have experienced it at some time or another.  There have been times in all of our lives, where, all of a sudden, as if by a miracle, great things happened in our lives.  This miracle can be accessed and is available to all of us.  I believe that there is infinite potential for the success of all individuals, and when specific actions are taken to engage the Universal Laws of Success, the potential is limitless.  The Universal Laws of Success are the primary principles by which I try to live my life.  It is my intent to help you to discover and understand such powers of the universe.      

The Law of Process is an awareness that we have things to accomplish in our life.  If we wish to reach a certain goal, we must decide on a direction, prepare well and move forward taking little steps at a time.  Any achievement can be managed in increments.  Skipping a single step or taking a shortcut often results in failure.  Also included in this law is the knowing to appreciate the accomplishment of a step toward a goal.   We all understand the Law of Cause and Effect having seen it countless times in all the activities that surround us.  In science it is presented with the understanding that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  No part of life is by chance.   This is the fundamental nature of the universal law of cause and effect. 

The Universal Law of Magnetism or Attraction when correctly understood and applied allows the commencement of the control of energy flowing through the body.  In the case of man, this can be seen as attraction where energy enters the body.  When the flow of energy is blocked, you have repulsion.  Each of us constantly reflects one of these conditions.  We are generally unaware of this activity which is always displayed in our state of consciousness and levels of energy being radiated from the physical body.  The Law of Attraction is as important as breathing is to all of us and our vital functioning.  For man the greatest and most direct form of spiritual energy comes from the soul and it is here that the abilities of attraction and repulsion of energy need to be first understood and then applied.    

We are all born with individual qualities of great possibility.  It takes discipline in recognizing and attempting to respond to them.  Eventually as we develop the ability to consciously enhance this process, our energy levels will rise and radiate out where a particular need is seen.  The Universal Law of Magnetism, displayed in the actions of attraction and repulsion, always enhances consciousness and radiated energy.  When we sleep at night, the activities of consciousness are removed from the brain and become centered in the body.  Most of us are unaware of the activity that took place in our mind as we slept.  During sleep there is a constant process occurring which could be described as teaching.  Many important developments in our growth begin in our subconscious in all your endeavors.

Many important developments in our growth begin in our subconscious mind and only filter back into  waking consciousness as dreams, words, pictures or thoughts.  If we do not write down what we remember soon after we awake, it will definitely become lost among the daily flux of thoughts in our mind.  

Particularly in this time of change, it is worthwhile to keep a journal of this activity and analyze what you have remembered.  When we approach sleep with this awareness and a moments quiet focusing, much can be achieved.  Today, the conduct of your life will change.  Through positive action, self confidence, and most importantly, faith, you will be able to achieve success in all your endeavors.


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Training for Success

Oct. 8th 2012

Monika Wilson-Greene,Ph.D.

“Whatever passions we can conceive of, zealously expect, solemnly believe, and passionately pursue, must as a natural consequence, become.”

Mark Twain once stated that who we are and what we accomplish is dependent upon two factors – genetics and training  and that since genetics cannot be changed “after the fact,” training is everything! As such, a direct correlation exists between training, acquiring new skills and one’s career success. If we are to live a life of decency and dignity, it is imperative that we consistently acquire new skills that we can utilize toward fulfilling our goals. This is especially crucial for preparing our young adults for success in the 21st century.

This year will be the most successful year of your life. This is the year you will accomplish stellar feats; the year you recognize and employ the power within you; the year you accomplish your goals in every aspect of your life; the year you achieve ultimate success. This year will be exciting and rewarding because you will expect it to happen. If you live each day with positive expectancy you will find that nothing is beyond your reach. In my research for this book, I came across Paul J. Meyer’s definition of positive expectancy. In his article “Plan Every Year With Positive Expectancy” Meyer explains positive expectancy is the attitude you must adopt and maintain. The greatness of your accomplishments depends upon your understanding and application of the principles of positive expectancy; you must expect things to happen, and your expectations must be positive. Each of us receives exactly what we expect, whether our expectations are positive or negative. We can see from the many experiences we have encountered throughout our lives that an attitude of positive expectancy is essential to the attainment of personal success.

Positive Expectancy can be learned. All it takes is an open mind. We must first start to clearly envision. That is, we must use our imagination. The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open. We must develop the capability of seeing with our “mind’s eye,” of concise and clear imagining. The law of attraction states that we “tend to draw to ourselves that which we send out from ourselves” this law cannot be broken and we must understand and exploit the tendency to become precisely what we imagine ourselves to be. The picture we hold in our minds will come to us. Second, we must have a burning desire. Our desire becomes more directed toward our goals as we become more and more capable of clearly imagining our goals. A burning desire within creates in every new day an opportunity to earn and justify our rewards to develop the consciousness and habits of success.

Third, we must solemnly believe. The realization of our goals, no matter how clearly imagined and passionately desired, depends also upon a sincere belief in our ability and worthiness to attain our goals. We must understand that God has given us the power to perceive, picture, believe, struggle for, and attain good things. The same was asserted when someone said, “Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the only thing that ensures the successful outcome of our venture.”

Fourth, we must passionately pursue. Exuberance and action are complementary and effective partners in bringing imagination, desire, and belief into reality. We must plan the action that will see our goals accomplished, making use of appropriate short range goals. We must plan for the obstacles we expect to meet and meet them as opportunities for creativity and as challenges to our desire and belief. In my leadership training program I guide participants through a process to evaluate the Universal Laws of Success and how these laws specifically apply to their lives. I believe these laws are eminent to our life successes. It is imperative that each one of these laws are fully accessed and understood in order to achieve greatness. Once these laws are understood and accurately applied, there is no limit to what is possible.

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Hello world!

Aug. 31st 2012

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